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Our team at the archeological excavation, 1982

About our team

Our team consists of experts in the field of paleontology, archeology, history and art history, behind which stands decades of work on the collection, protection and research of cultural heritage.

As Jagodina is accelerating towards the future, it is very important that we understand our own heritage. That is why our museum and team are present here, to highlight the bright moments and achievements of our ancestors, primarily the people of Jagodina, and to save them from oblivion for generations to come.

Creative Team


  • Daniel Mesihović, B.Sc. lawyer for legal, personnel and administrative affairs
  • Danijela Đorđević, Officer for Legal, Personnel and Administrative Affairs
  • Snežana Despotović, librarian
  • Đorđe Filipović, designer
  • Dejan Matić, porter

Friends of the museum and associates in the development of the site

BLAGO FUND, Palo Alto, California, USA

Nenad Vukićević Founder and President, BLAGO Fund, Inc.

Vladimir Aćimović IT Operation, BLAGO Serbia