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Where did the neighbour go?

By: Branislav Cvetković, museum advisor Idea and practice of good, useful and professional museology is not to glorify states, nations or ideologies but to reliably interpret phenomena from history, social and natural spheres, for those who want to know, not those who only want to believe.…

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Written in stone – Whose brain is this?

By: Nevena Cvetković, senior curator What is a chance of finding a fossilized brain? Incredibly small! In fact, soft brain tissue is almost never preserved in the fossil record, instead the endocranial casts are, being shaped only under specific sedimentary conditions. After the death of…

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On the endangered cultural heritage

By: Smiljana Dodić, museum advisor Although five years ago in Jagodina, the first conviction was passed for the robbery of cultural heritage by self-proclaimed archaeologists, hordes of "wild diggers", hunters of lightly equipped metal detectors do not stop ravaging archeological sites in our area. Apart from…

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