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The town of Jagodina inherits a rich archaeological heritage from prehistory to the late Middle Ages. From the first sedentary settlements of herders and farmers (around 6000 BC), through the bearers of the Copper Age, Bronze and Iron Age cultures, Roman conquests and the oldest settlements of the Slavs to the first mention of Jagodna in 1399, we get knowledges about the history of our town only through archaeological evidences.

The most valuable dates were obtained from archaeological researches of the sites “Matina Ciglana – Tavrića obori”, “Sarina Međa”, “Crvene livade – Đurđevo brdo”, “Elmos” and “Panjevački rit”, but accidental finds discovered during earthworks and construction works complete the picture of dynamic past of our town.

The exhibition “On History of Jagodina by Archaeological Testimonials” by the authors Smiljana Dodić and Sonja Perić presents the most significant and beautiful objects from the archaeological collections that were found on the ground of the town of Jagodina itself.

On May 18, 2024, the Regional Museum of Jagodina is celebrating the International Museums Day  and the European Museum Night with this exhibition.

The program:

18:00 – 22:00 – The European Museum Night

19:30 – Poetic reading by Ms. Biljana Pantić “Bright Name” – A Story About the Hometown 20:30 -Professional guidance through the exhibition by the authors S. Dodić and S. Perić.

The public will be able to view the exhibition until the end of September.