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This year, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia supported three projects of the Regional Museum of Jagodina. The project of recovery, reconstruction and adaptation of the building of the Regional Museum of Jagodina was partially supported, so geotechnical research will be carried out this year. The museum building was built in 1935 as a building of Jagodina Sokol Society. In 1987 it was declared a cultural monument.

The Ministry also fully supported two publications of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, which will be published by the end of this year. The publishing activity of the Museum will be enriched with a Guide through the permanent exhibition of the Regional Museum of Jagodina. The last catalog of the permanent exhibition was printed in 2001. The permanent exhibition was reorganized in 2010, but due to the lack of funds, no serious accompanying publication has been made so far. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information, we are finally able to present in this edition the rich collections of our museum and the decades-long work of our curators on the protection of cultural property. In addition to providing visitors to the Regional Museum with detailed explanations of the museum itself, the building in which it is housed and the most important items in the museum’s collections, this publication will be of great importance to primary and secondary school students and students of the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences for preparing their seminar papers, school projects and exams.

Special attention has been given to the preparation of the second publication of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, which will be financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. The title of this book is “Naš zavičaj” and it will present a part of the rich cultural and historical heritage on the territory of the City of Jagodina from the beginning of the 19th century until today, with 180 pages and 213 illustrations. This publication is intended primarily for the general public, and in addition to presenting materials from the Museum’s collections, it also has an educational dimension because it brings relevant data about the city’s past and shows important historical units, buildings, personalities and monuments. The publication continues the idea of ​​the former director of the Teachers’ School in Jagodina, Dragoljub Petrović (1888-1936) from 1936, when he started a magazine of the same name in order to show the public the results of collecting data on everything that is important for the history of this area. Due to the early death of Dragoljub Petrović, only the first issue of this magazine was printed, which is kept today in the Regional Museum of Jagodina. Reprint of this magazine will be published as a supplement to the publication.

As the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the Museum’s plans and postponed the planned exhibitions and programs, the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information to our institution significantly strengthened our publishing activities because we are able to present representative publications to the public, which gave the work on the presentation of cultural heritage a new and better dimension.