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Museum in „Researchers Night”

On the premises of the international school "Crnjanski" in Jagodina, on September 29, the 14th "European Researchers Night" was held under the slogan "The Light of Science". At this year's event, the Natural History Department of the Regional Museum Jagodina organized a workshop for all…

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The cooperation of the Regional Museum Jagodina and the Laboratory for Bioarchaeology within the project ARCHAEOWILD

By: Nevena Cvetković, senior curator At the beginning of March, the Regional Museum Jagodina began cooperation with the project “ARCHAEOWILD: The Holocene History of Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence: Archaeozoological, Archaeobotanical, Isotopic, Ancient DNA, Iconographic and Written Evidence from the Central Balkans", guided by PhD Sonja…

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Written in stone – Whose brain is this?

By: Nevena Cvetković, senior curator What is a chance of finding a fossilized brain? Incredibly small! In fact, soft brain tissue is almost never preserved in the fossil record, instead the endocranial casts are, being shaped only under specific sedimentary conditions. After the death of…

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