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The collection contains picture postcards of Jagodina and other towns in Serbia that were issued until the beginning of the Second World War, while picture postcards created after this period are kept as study material. The oldest postcard from the collection traveled in 1900, while the oldest postcard of Jagodina is dated in 1901. At this moment, 17 publishers of Jagodina picture postcards have been registered, 12 of which are from the city itself. They are mostly bookstore owners, traders or photographers. Topographic postcards are almost exclusively present with Jagodina publishers, which include panoramas of the city, views of certain parts of the city, streets, individual buildings, monuments, etc. The exception is two postcards printed on the occasion of the arrival of King Peter I Karađorđević in Jagodina in 1907. The first one is with the motif of the space in front of the church of St. apostles Peter and Paul prepared for the reception of the king, while the other shows the king walking through the park of Jagodina Brewery. Postcards represent a valuable pictorial source for studying the urban development of Jagodina in the first half of the 20th century, and as a form of interpersonal communication, they store data on the reverses that can also be the subject of various studies.

Curator: Jasmina Trajkov