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The collection of flags is classified in the newly formed collections. The material of this collection used to be in the collection of medals. The collection includes flags and pennants. The period from the second half of the 1930s to the second half of the first decade of the 21st century is covered. The oldest flag in the collection is the flag of the Jagodina Singing Society “Sloga” from the second half of the 1930s. The flag “Partizan-Society for physical education-Svetozarevo” also stands out with its appearance. Among the work action flags, it is worth to mention the flags of the Main Staff of the Youth Work Brigades at the action “Highway Bratstvo-Jedinstvo 1959” in the sector Negotino-Demir Kapija and the Pomoravska Youth Work Brigade “Damnjan Maksić” of the Kragujevac district. The flags, among other things, refer to the following Youth Work Actions: Youth Work Action “Đerdap 77”, Youth Work Action “Šamac-Sarajevo 78”, Youth Work Action “Partizanski put 79”, Youth Work Action “Podrinje-Kolubara 80”, Youth Work Action “Sava 86 “, Youth Work Action “Medveđa 87”, Pioneer Work Action “Rtanj 87 “. The flag of FC “Mladost” from Svetozarevo, which the club awarded to Svetislav Radosavljevic “Evka” in 1955 is also very intresting.

Curator: Duško Grbović