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Regional museum of Jagodina cherishes the tradition that on September 30, The Day of Museum, it awards letters of thanks to donors and collaborators who have helped us in the past year in the realization of our activities.

This year, the collections of our museum have been riched with numerous gifts, the most valuable of which is certainly the donation of Nastassia Vukićević Senal, the niece of Ilija Ika Vukićević, a prominent Jagodina painter, who gave us six of Ika’s paintings and a portrait of him by Janko Brašić from 1965. These paintings will be exhibited in the gallery of the Regional Museum until the end of this year.

Nastassia Vukićević Senal, who lives in France, is one of the donors to whom we gave the Museum’s letters of thanks. Among the donors are Desanka Stamatović and Milan Obradović from Belgrade, as well as our fellow citizens Gordana Obradović, Dušica Milačić and Zoran Stanković.

We also awarded Bojana Borić – Brešković, the director of the National Museum of Serbia, for her long-term help and support for the work of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, Saša Rakezić alias Aleksandar Zograf, a comic book author, for her special contribution to the popularization of our museum’s materials, and to Života Milanović, for the conservation of the exhibits for the exhibition “The Birth of Glass in Serbia”.

The Day of the Regional Museum of Jagodina is also an occasion for another award. In the period from August 15 to September 18, we organized the photo contest “Photography in the museum – FUM autumn 2022”. The jury consisting of Boris Airo, professional photographer (Cologne), Jasmina Trajkov, art historian, museum adviser (Regional Museum of Jagodina), Đorđe Filipović, designer (Regional Museum of Jagodina) and Milosav Brajković, museum photographer (Regional Museum of Jagodina) after reviewing the submitted photos announced the winner: Gordana Obradović from Jagodina. In addition to the diploma, Gordana will be awarded the latest publications of the Regional Museum of Jagodina. Due to the small number of submitted photos, the jury was unanimous in its decision not to organize an exhibition of the best photographs this time.

With thanks to all our collaborators and donors who contributed and supported our work, we invite our fellow citizens to continue our cooperation, with the aim of preserving the past of our homeland from oblivion for generations to come.