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By: Duško Grbović, museum adviser

On its journey through places related to the life and work of cavalry officer Dušan Dodić, which began on September 12, 2018 in the Regional Museum in Jagodina, the exhibition and the book arrived in Timisoara (Romania). Dušan Dodić stayed in Timisoara with his unit in the period from November 7, 1918 (according to the old calendar) to March 25, 1919. In his war diary, he left records of his stay in this Banat city. It was noted that Dušan Dodić has now “come” to Timisoara for the second time.

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, a program dedicated to Dušan Dodić was organized in the premises of the Association of Serbs in Romania in Timisoara, Mangalija Street 29. The program included the opening of the exhibition “General Dušan Dodić – hero of the Great War” and the promotion of the book “Dušan Dodić, War Diary 1918–1919”, Jagodina–Trstenik 2018. The exhibition and the book were realized as part of the “Century of the Great War 1918–2018” project, jointly implemented by the Regional Museum of Jagodina and the Trstenik National University with the help of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

The Honorary President of the Association of Serbs in Romania Slavomir Gvozdenović, Phd opened the program with an appropriate speech. He pointed out the importance of hosting the exhibition and the promotion of the book about Dušan Dodić in the area of the Association of Serbs in Romania in Timisoara. The book was presented by: Ninoslav Stanojlović, professor of history, reviewer (Jagodina), Jelena Vukčević, historian, curator, editor and co-author of the exhibition (Museum collection of National University Trstenik), Duško Grbović, historian, museum adviser, editor and co-author of the exhibition (Regional Museum of Jagodina).

Aleksandar Rašković, a theater actor from Trstenik, performed in the artistic part of the program. The video presentation also presented a part of the objects that, together with the displayed panels, make up the exhibition setting.

The event took place at a time when Timisoara is the European Capital of Culture for 2023. The hosts (Saša Jašin and Zlatiborka Markov) showed great attention to the guests from Trstenik and Jagodina and made their stay pleasant. The exhibition is expected to last until the end of September.