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We regret to inform you that after a serious illness, our colleague Mirjana Todorović, the longtime museum educator of the Regional Museum Jagodina, left us on Sunday, November 6.

Mirjana was born in Jagodina in 1953. She graduated in art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She was a long-time art teacher in Jagodina secondary schools. From 2001 she worked as a museum educator in the Regional Museum Jagodina, until 2018 when she retired.

With the arrival of Mirjana Todorović to the Museum, a variety of pedagogical activities developed. Mirjana revived the cooperation between the Regional Museum Jagodina and pre-school and school institutions in the city. She continuously maintained a program called “Class in the Museum”, which consisted in the organized arrival of students to the Museum and the holding of classes in the museum space. This program was intended for city primary and secondary schools. Of particular importance was her project called “Museum in a Suitcase” designed and prepared for rural elementary school students. The museum objects were transferred to the classroom space, which, with the active participation of the students and the cooperation of the teacher and the museum pedagogue, became a place of fun learning. With the “museum packed in a suitcase”, Mirjana visited many rural schools, and the association with the museum workers and the contact with the museum objects remained a fond memory for both the students and their teachers.

She also established cooperation with the Faculty of Education in Jagodina. Numerous students of this faculty had professional help when writing seminar and graduate theses and support in exam preparation. Visiting classes and exams in subjects related to teaching methodology were held in the Museum, and Mirjana, as a former educator, was able to pass on her knowledge and experience to future teachers.

Mirjana Todorović also managed the Collection of guild letters and diplomas, which, thanks to her involvement, was conservated in its entirety and published in the publication “Collection of guild letters and diplomas”, and the items were presented to the public at the exhibition “The Craft is Everything ” which she did in collaboration with the ethnologist Ranko Barišić and which was opened at the end of July 2009 in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.

She published three Bulletins of exhibition activities, field and educational and pedagogical work of the Regional Museum Jagodina (2006, 2011, 2018).

At the beginning of this year, we recorded her name in the museum documentation as a donor of the Regional Museum Jagodina.

Colleagues and friends said goodbye to Mirjana on November 8, when she was buried at the cemetery in Jagodina. She was a valuable member of our team. Her memory will remain long among the employees and associates of the Regional Museum Jagodina.