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The recently published collection of studies dedicated to the prominent Serbian archaeologist Marko Popović PhD, and leading collaborator of the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade, also includes an article written by Branislav Cvetković. This text is built on results of research of only one part of the Trsat reliquary, with special reference to the pectoral cross and specific historical context of relics of the new martyrs from this complex cult object which is most closely connected with members of the Serbian ruling dynasty Branković from the second half of the 15th century. Cvetković studied this magnificent reliquary from the collection of the Franciscan monastery on Trsat near Rijeka for a long time both in person and as part of a scientific project during a summer fellowship at the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies Center in Washington D.C. (USA), after which a special monograph was published as the last edition of our Museum.