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The collection contains packaging glass and glass objects that were part of the household of Jagodina families. In 1846, the first glass factory opened in Jagodina. This was also the first factory in Serbia, and its opening marked the beginning of industrial production in our country. Its founder was Avram Petronijević (1791-1852), a prominent figure in Serbian history of the 19th century. This factory operated until 1852. After Petronijević, the production of glass was taken over by Julije Bozitovac and his partners, and the merchant from Jagodina, Nacko Janković, bought it from him. His factory operated until 1907 when it was closed. In the same year, the Serbian Glass Factory in Paraćin was formed. As Jagodina was an industrial center in the production of glass during the 19th century, the products of Jagodina glass factories are of special importance in the Collection of Glass, the most numerous of which are those produced by Nacko Janković’s glass factory. A large part of the collection consists of glass produced during the first half of the 20th century in the Serbian Glass Factory in Paraćin, but there are imported glass for various purposes as well, which was part of the household of Jagodina houses from the period between the two world wars.

Curator: Jasmina Trajkov