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By: Branislav Cvetković, museum councilor

Preparatory works are underway for the restoration of the museum building as part of the plan of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

Thanks to the efforts of the expert team from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (Prof. Dr Ivan Rašković, Prof. Dr, Nenad Šekularac, Prof. Dr Nevena Debljović-Ristić,), the project to restore the building of the Regional Museum in Jagodina continues in the next phase, with the development of the main project because the funds were approved after the successful application of the Faculty of Architecture for the renovation of our museum building from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. One of the first steps was a complete three-dimensional recording of the interior and exterior of the building using modern laser cameras. This complex task was completed at the end of the summer by two teams – the team of the Faculty of Architecture consisted of Prof. dr Nenad Šekularac with his collaborators Marina Marković and Katarina Jeremic, while the Vekom team included Marko Pantić, Goran Gojić and Petar Pašajlić. The recording results represent a significant part of the project task since every inch of the building and its consisting parts was measured in the most precise way which will enable the authors of the project to make detailed plans for restoration and adaptations of the Museum building.