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The Archival Society of Serbia organized the International Archival Conference “Novi Sad 2021” entitled: Archives–the past that lasts. The Conference was held from October 6 to October 8, 2021. The gathering was attended by experts from archival institutions of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, the Institute of Contemporary History and the Institute of Recent History of Serbia in Belgrade. Our museum was represented by historian Duško Grbović, museum advisor.

The conference program included nearly 40 topics that dealt with the activities of archives, archival material, data provided by archives and cooperation between archives and museums. Duško Grbović presented his research about the Museum Department at the City State Archives–a contribution to the history of the connection between the Regional Museum of Jagodina and the Historical Archive of Jagodina. The paper presents one stage in the development of the Regional Museum in Jagodina, when it acted as a Museum Department at the City State Archives in Svetozarevo (Jagodina today), as well as joint activities of the Museum and Archives in Jagodina. All papers will be published in the collection of papers.