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Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, our new publication “Our Homeland – Cultural and Historical Heritage of Jagodina from the Beginning of the 19th Century” was published by Jasmina Trajkov, Museum Advisor of the Regional Museum of Jagodina.

The main goal of this publication is to present in one place the most important data about the past of our city that every one of our fellow citizens should know, as well as to present our history and cultural heritage to those who visit Jagodina. In addition, a reprint of the magazine “Naš zavicaj” was printed, which was created by Dragoljub Petrović, the director of the Men’s Teacher’s School in Jagodina in the interwar period. Petrović has created a magazine that would present to the public the results of collecting data on everything that is important for the history of this area. Due to the sudden death of Dragoljub Petrović, only the first issue of this magazine was printed, which is kept in the fund of our Museum today.

Using rich museum material from collections of archivalia, picture postcards and photographs as a starting point, guided by the idea of ​​Dragoljub Petrović and reviving his idea, we have prepared a publication that presents relevant data on the past of this place through texts related to the history of Jagodina from the beginning of the 19th century. The urban development of the city is presented, some famous personalities born in Jagodina are pointed out and important events are witnessed by archival material and preserved objects of visual culture. Monuments and important buildings were highlighted, and a short history of the most important industrial plants in Jagodina was presented, for which this city was known outside the borders of the Serbian state, such as the glass factory and Jagodina Brewery. We also referred to the history of photography in Jagodina and the development of education. Readers of this book will be reminded or find out who was the owner of the most beautiful city park – Aračlijski potok and why and when this park was donated to the city, which is the oldest building in the city, where the Turkish part of the town was and why the Old Church was built on its place. “Our Homeland” also provides answers to the questions which Serbian rulers visited Jagodina and what kind of welcome was prepared for them, and we also reminded the famous Jagodina taverns and discovered what was served in them and which famous actors and singers performed there.

In front of the readers, fans of stories about old Jagodina, but also all those who are looking for answers to questions from the history of our city, there is a luxury edition with 180 pages and 213 illustrations. In this book, for the first time, many photographs from our collection were published, of which the most interesting are certainly the aerial photographs of Jagodina from the 1930s, as well as the first photographs of Jagodina taken in the 1870s. The book can be bought in the souvenir shop of the Regional Museum of Jagodina.