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After publishing a blog about the hotel “Jagodina” and a new acquisition of our museum–a cognac glass with the logo of this once representative hotel, our fellow citizen Mrs. Gordana Obradović gave us a glass in which the hotel “Jagodina” served spirits. The glass has a volume of 0.3 dcl, and was produced in the Serbian glass factory in Paraćin at the end of the eighth or beginning of the ninth decade of the 20th century. A polygonal leg starts from the circular foot, on which the recipient rests with an ornament in the form of flower petals at the bottom. On the glass is the logo of the hotel “Jagodina”, which represents the head of the turkey, the symbol of our city. The logo was made by Slobodan Selenić, one of the pioneers of graphic design not only in our city, but also in Serbia. We would like to thank Mrs. Gordana Obradović for enriching the Collection of Glass of our museum with this gift.