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The Regional Museum of Jagodina is kindly inviting you to participate at the photo contest

Photography in the museum - FUM autumn 2022

1 About the contest: The photo contest “Photography in the Museum – FUM” was held this year for the first time. Our goal is to popularize cultural heritage and affirm photography. It will be organized twice a year: in May during the event “Museums for 10” and during August and September, on the eve of the Day of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, which is celebrated on September 30. The right to participate in the contest is available to persons over the age of 18, from the country and abroad, and participation is free of charge. Employees of the Museum cannot participate in the contest.

2 Deadline for applications: Photographs should be sent in the period from August 15, 2022 to September 18, 2022 to the e-mail:, subject: FUM. Photographs submitted after this deadline will not be considered. The e-mail should include the name and surname, birth date and telephone number. Maximum number of photos per participant is six (6).

3 Theme of photographs: The theme of the autumn FUM 2022 is “City of Jagodina”. The photos should present all the peculiarities of the city: panoramas, street photography, authentic symbols of the city, monuments, significant places and buildings, old parts of the city and cultural heritage, population, flora and fauna… The categories are:

  • Pictures of old Jagodina:

Jagodina has a rich tradition and cultural heritage dating back to around 5500 BC. The first preserved data that testifies to the existence of a Serbian settlement under the name of Jagodina comes from the end of the 14th century. The development of Jagodina as a Serbian, Christian town began in the first decades of the 19th century. The spirit of old Jagodina is slowly disappearing, but it can still be felt in the old parts of the city and the former city center (Mala pijaca, for example). Present on your photos old Jagodina: preserved buildings from an earlier period, but also their deterioration and the ravages of time that erodes them, monuments, ornaments and sculptures on the facades of old houses, old craft shops, authentic symbols of the town, old factory buildings… Show the cultural and historical heritage of our city in both an affirmative and a critical context.

  • Landscapes of the new city:

In the last two decades, Jagodina has become an indispensable place on the tourist map of Serbia. The development of the city as a tourist center initiated changes in its appearance. Present today’s Jagodina: panorama of the city, streetscapes, street photography, tourist zone, city market, parks, city facades… Define the unique local character of Jagodina, what makes this city special and recognizable.

  • Ecology:

An integral part of the city is the flora and fauna and the habitats they inhabit. The images must show the plant and animal wealth of the area or the interaction between the community and its natural and ecological environment, the relationship between man, animals, nature and the city in both an affirmative and a critical context.

  • Free:

The city and its animate and inanimate nature offer many opportunities to be seen in a creative way. This category allows authors to create free compositions with the condition that the photos reflect the uniqueness of Jagodina.

4 Special conditions: Only photos taken during 2021 and 2022 are accepted. If desired, the author can add the name of the photo and attach a short description or the location where the photo was taken. Photographs of children and portraits of children will be accepted only with the attached written consent of the parents and permission to publish the photograph. If you do not have a camera, the jury will also consider photos taken with a mobile phone. Color photos, as well as black and white, in digital format are considered, while printed photos will not be considered.

5 Digital processing: The use of standard photo processing processes (eg tonal value, contrast, brightness, color, intensity, light temperature), minimal cleaning of photos (such as removing dust and lens stains) and cropping of photos is allowed, provided that it does not change what is in the photo. Excessive cropping of photos can significantly reduce the resolution. In other words, what was captured at a given moment must be faithfully represented in the photograph. Multiple exposures are allowed only if the photos were taken at the same place within a minimum time interval. Compositions of several different photos or materials taken from different photos, “sandwich” photos, and photos that are composed in any way from several photos (such as HDR technique, attached panorama, etc.) will be disqualified. Subsequent addition or deletion of people, objects, parts of animals, plants, unwanted elements, etc., from photographs is also not allowed. The organizers reserve the right to request a RAW file from the photographer. All submitted photos must not contain tags, signatures, initials, frames, borders, logos or any other reference added by the participant.

6 Judging: All submitted photos will be judged by a jury consisting of four (4) members:

  • Boris Airo, professional photographer (Cologne)
  • Jasmina Trajkov, art historian, museum advisor (Regional Museum of Jagodina)
  • Đorđe Filipović, designer (Regional Museum of Jagodina)
  • Milosav Brajković, museum photographer (Regional Museum of Jagodina)

7 Promotion of the best photographs: After judging the received material, the selected photos will be presented in the virtual exhibition on the website of the Regional Museum of Jagodina ( with the accompanying electronic catalog.

8 Copyright, obligations and publication: Authors of photographs must be holders of rights to photographs submitted to the contest. The photographer retains the copyright to the photos at all times, and his/her name will be printed next to the photo each time the photo is published. By participating in the contest, participants consent to the publication of photographs and their use on the website without the obligation to pay fees, as well as the use of photographs for the purpose of advertising exhibitions, both in the publications of the organizers and in the press.

Please read the disclaimer details before submitting photos:

I hereby confirm that the photograph I am applying for the contest “Photography in the Museum – FUM 2022” is my original work and that no one claims copyright to it, and that if it does, that I am their sole holder. I enclose this photo as an expression of my own creativity and I understand that it will be published as my original work with my copyright. I understand that my application will be considered before it is accepted into the contest. If my photo is offensive, artificially improved, if it is animation or low quality, I understand that it can be disqualified. Photographs of children and portraits of children will be accepted only with the written consent of the parents and permission to publish the photograph. Before publishing the most successful photos on the website of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, the authors of the photos will be informed about the outcome of the contest by e-mail.

Contest calendar

  • Begining: August 15, 2022
  • Closing: September 18, 2022
  • Judging: September 21, 2022
  • Virtual exhibition: September 30, 2022

Example of themed photos:

(photo: Đorđe Filipović)