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The collection of photographs before 1941 provides a picture of Jagodina and its population from the seventh decade of the 19th century until the outbreak of the Second World War. The collection includes over 2000 photographs taken in photographic studios in Jagodina, as well as in the whole of Serbia, but also in foreign studios in Austria-Hungary, the Czech Republic, France and the USA. In addition to the shots of professional photographers, the collection also includes photographs taken in the first quarter of the 20th century, which were taken by photo amateurs. Among them, the shots of Milan Todorović and Milovan Miloradović made during the First World War stand out. The most common are family and portrait photographs, but the collection also contains photos of significant events, buildings, monuments, etc. Photography is considered an important visual source used in the research of history and culture in general, so the collection of photographs is of great importance to researchers of the past of Jagodina because it provides data on the development of the city and the life of citizens. The collection also includes a relatively well-preserved specimen of ferrotype, a photography made on an iron plate, as well as family photo albums that played an important role in the construction of the family identity.

Curator: Jasmina Trajkov