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On the occasion of the Museum Day, which we celebrate every September 30, the Regional Museum awarded certificate of appreciation to all those who have helped us in the past year as donors or collaborators.

For their contribution to enriching the collections of the Regional Museum certificates of appreciation were awarded to: Ružica Tomić, Dragana Guberinić Bogdanović, Slavoljub Filipović, Dragutin Gandi Krstić, Rade Tanasković, Zvezdan Grujić and Goran Ilić.

For special contribution to the scientific promotion and popularization of the items of the Regional Museum, full professor at the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade Miroslav Vujović, PhD received a certificate of appreciation. A small angular part of a metal object published in the catalog of the exhibition Messages of the Upper Moesia did not miss the experienced eye of professor Vujović from the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade who recognized a dodecahedron in only a 3.5 cm long piece of ancient metal discovered in the village Deonica 7 km westward from Jagodina. This mystical object has been attracting the attention of archaeologists, astronomers, mathematicians, and even philosophers for three centuries, and it is completely unusual for this region. Due to researches of professor Vujović, this accidental find made of copper alloy similar to brass could be reconstructed and partly determined.

In mid-May, our curators Jasmina Trajkov and Sonja Perić were guests of the popular show “Gastronomad”, which was filmed in the picturesque areas of Juhor mountain. As a sign of gratitude for the cooperation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Pomoravlje, we awarded a certificate of appreciation to the production company Advance Media and the “Gastronomad” team.

The reconnaissance of the Jagodina region, which began last fall through a project financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, supported several collaborators in the field and thus helped the curators of the Archaeological Department in their work. We thanked Životije Petrović, Slobodan Stojadinović Šile, Verica Milanović and Momčilo Ćirković for their cooperation.

We hereby once again thank all our collaborators and donors who contributed and supported our work and invite our fellow citizens to continue our cooperation.