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By: Duško Grbović, museum adviser

The exhibition about Dušan Dodić arrived in the village of Milutovac near Trstenik. Milutovac is the birthplace of Dušan Dodić, where he spent his childhood and finished elementary school. On November 7, 2023, an event was held in front of the “Rade Dodić” elementary school building. It marked 163 years of the existence of the Elementary School in Milutovac and 140 years since the birth of Dušan Dodić. Part of the program was the opening of the exhibition “General Dušan Dodić – hero of the Great War” and the presentation of the book “Dušan Dodić, War Diary 1918-1919”, Jagodina–Trstenik 2018. The authors of the exhibition and organizers of the war diary, Jelena Vukčević, historian, curator (Museum Collection, National University of Trstenik) and Duško Grbović, historian, museum advisor (Regional Museum of Jagodina) participated in the program, which was imbued with the theme of the First World War and the heroism of the Serbian people. They, each from their own point of view, pointed out the importance of Dušan Dodić’s actions as a cavalry officer of the Serbian and Yugoslav Royal Army.

Data on births and baptisms can be found in the Protocol of Births 1882–1892 of the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Poljna (Crkva Svetih apostola Petra i Pavla, Poljna). It is kept in the department of the Kruševac Historical Archive in Trstenik. Dušan Dodić was born on February 7 (19) 1883 in the village of Milutovac to father Miloš and mother Todora Dodić. He was their first child. The baptism was performed by priest Sava Popović on February 13 (25) 1883. Marking the date of birth of Dušan Dodić is of particular importance, given that the professional public’s date of birth is February 16, 1884, which is found in the official military record kept in the Military Archives in Belgrade.

It is planned that in the period from November 13 to 17, a theme week will be organized for pupils and school visitors on the topic: General Dušan Dodić – hero of the Great War. The exhibition, which is set up in the school hall, will be available to visitors until November 30, 2023.