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By: Duško Grbović, museum adviser

The Serbian Historical Society was founded on September 15, 2023. The founding meeting was held in the Historical Museum of Serbia in Belgrade. The president of the society is professor Suzana Rajić, phD from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. The society represents an attempt to include historians working in education, cultural institutions, and scientific institutions in one professional organization. Duško Grbović, curator of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, museum adviser, was also involved in the activities surrounding the formation of the society. The society has two sections: the section for education and the section for archives, libraries, museums and institutes for the protection of cultural monuments. One of the ongoing activities is the establishment of subsidiaries.

On November 15, 2023, a meeting was held in the Regional Museum of Jagodina, where a branch for the Rasinski and Pomoravski districts was formed. The meeting was attended by historians who work in education and cultural institutions. The activities of the Serbian Historical Society were discussed by Goran Vasić, museum advisor, employed at the Kruševac National Museum, who is the vice president of the society, member of the National Council for Culture of the Republic of Serbia, member of the Supervisory Board of the Museum Society of Serbia, and Ninoslav Stanojlović, professor of history at “October 17th” Primary school from Jagodina, who is at the head of the Education Section of the aforementioned society. The meeting was attended by Dejan Perić, professor of history in “Branko Radičević” Primary school in Popovac, Vladimir Orbović, professor of history in “Milan Mijalković” Primary school in Jagodina, Stefan Sretenović, professor of history in “Radisav Nikčević” Primary school in the village of Majur near Jagodina, Branimir Čelić, professor of history in “Dositej Obradović” Primary school in Kruševac, Duško Grbović, museum advisor, Regional Museum of Jagodina. Branimir Čelić was elected president of the branch.