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Zoran Marmaković started photography as a high school student in 1980, and exhibited his works for the first time in 1985. He says that he is a passionate photographer, which he confirmed by returning to his passion – photography – after a long break imposed on him by moving from his native Jagodina to Salzburg (Austria). People and their destinies occupied him as the main subject, so he mostly devoted himself to portrait photography. The people he photographs are not professional models, and he chooses them not because of their appearance, but because each of them has his own story and his own world. With a specific approach to the model and in black-and-white technique, Marmaković creates portraits in which we discover the model’s soul from their looks, wrinkles or facial expressions. At this virtual presentation of the work of photographer Zoran Marmaković, we presented two virtual exhibitions. Both have portraits as their subject, but the first exhibit shows digital and the second analog photographs from project “Let’s talk about you”, which Zoran is still working on.