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By: Smiljana Dodić, museum advisor

Last summer the Regional Museum of Jagodina joined  the initiative of the National Museum in Kragujevac for cooperation within the exhibition Weaponry  and the life of wariors in the Middle Ages. The author of this exhibition which  presented objects from wealthy collections of the two largest museums in Šumadija and Pomoravlje is the senior curator of the Kragujevac museum Igor Đurović, associated with Smiljana Dodić and late dr Marko Popović. Šumadijan audience had the opportunity to visit the exhibition during September and October 2021 in the Gallery of the National Museum in Kragujevac.

The exhibition consisted of items of offensive and defensive weaponry, military and horse equipment from the medieval collections of the Jagodina and Kragujevac Museum as well as the information boards and replicas of the medieval warrior equipment. The Regional Museum of Jagodina presented to the Šumadija audience numerous spearhaeds, arrowheads and  military scythes, axes and maces, knightly swords, cannonballs, as well as horse and horseman equipment. Panels with accompanying texts by Igor Đurović and the doyen of medieval archeology Dr. Marko Popović with illustrations from the medieval sources, and life-size figures of Holy Warriors from the Patriarchate of Peć with reconstructions of medieval armor evoked the ambience of the army and the life of soldiers in medieval Serbia.