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Vidovdan and the rememberance of medieval Kosovo heroes is deeply woven into the heritage of the Serbian people, and the endowment of Prince Lazar, the Ravanica monastery near Ćuprija, with its earthly remains, has been a place of the deepest respect and pilgrimage for centuries. The manifestation “Vidovdan festivities” organized by the Tourist Organization of Ćuprija has been marked for more than a decade, and part of its opening for the second time went to the exhibition of the Regional Museum in Jagodina.

The audience of the Horeum Margi–Ravno Museum in Ćuprija will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition “The Middle Ages in the Archaeological Collections of the Regional Museum Jagodina” in the period from June 24 to July 20, 2022. The exhibition presenting the medieval funds of the archeological collections of the Jagodina Museum has so far been seen by the audience in Serbia in 2015 and Republika Srpska in 2020.

This time, the exhibition will present about 250 items from the 6th to the 18th century found at the medieval sites of Middle Pomoravlje, Resava and Levač. Among the exhibits are ceramic vessels, tools, weapons, jewelry, objects of personal devotions, as well as part of the rich Numismatic Collection. The exhibition is accompanied by 11 information panels, as well as copies of frescoes from nearby medieval monasteries: Kalenić, Ravanica and Resava (Manasija).

The author of the exhibition is the museum adviser of the Regional Museum Smiljana Dodić, archaeologist, the design is signed by Đorđe Filipović, the designer of the Jagodina Museum, and Novak Novaković from the Ćuprija Museum also contributed the accompanying catalog.