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A touch of museum and gastronomy

Written by: Sonja Perić, senior curator During the period of cloudy and rainy May weather, two sunny moments served the crew of the show Gastronomad, to record two episodes of this series. To make the story more complete, the curators of the Regional Museum of Jagodina,…

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GUARDIANS OF THE PAST – The Ministry of Culture RS supported the conservation of another 115 metal exhibits from the Museum’s collection

Written by: Sonja Perić, senior curator The main task of us, curators, (lat. custos), guardians of museum collections, is to protect museum objects from deterioration for the future. This preservation implies complete care of the object, both its acquisition, protection, processing, chronological and cultural determination,…

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By: Sonja Perić, Senior Curator THE SYSTEMATIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROSPECTING OF THE JAGODINA REGION After successful archaeological research in Ivkovački Prnjavor, the archeological team of the Regional Museum of Jagodina: Sonja Perić and Smiljana Dodić, in cooperation with the experts of the Archaeological Institute: Peter…

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