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Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, our new representative edition “Guide through the Regional Museum of Jagodina” was published at the end of last year.

This publication provides the most important information about the museum, its collections and activities of the museum in general. As a type of presentation of museum material, it singles out and emphasizes the most important items that the Museum keeps, thus forming an image of the museum fund, museum work, basic goals and mission of the Museum.

The introductory part presents the path that the Regional Museum has taken since its founding in 1954 and the humble beginnings when it worked as a department within the Archives. The enthusiasm and energy of the first director of the Museum Dušan Duja Vukićević (1897–1969) to lay the foundations of museum activity in Jagodina, despite all the difficulties in his work, was emphasized. By separating from the Archives, obtaining the building in which it will be located and expanding the professional staff, the Regional Museum of Jagodina received the conditions to develop in the field of exhibition, research and pedagogical work. Today, according to the volume of collected material, its importance and professional and scientific results achieved in the research of the past and culture of the city and central Pomoravlje, the Museum is in the group of prominent cultural institutions in Serbia. From 2021, it also has territorial jurisdiction for the city of Jagodina and the territory of the municipalities of Despotovac, Paraćin, Rekovac, Svilajnac and Ćuprija.

 “Guide through the Regional Museum of Jagodina” also introduces readers to the building in which the museum has been located since 1981, and which is itself a cultural monument. It architect was Momir Korunović, the prominent Serbian artist, and it was built in 1935 as the Sokol House of Jagodina Sokol Society.

After the introductory part, there is a catalog with the most important items of all five departments of the Museum: Natural History, Archaeology, Ethnology, History and Art. In this catalog 178 most important items from museum collections were presented. The catalog is bilingual (Serbian and English), and the book also has a summary in English.

By printing this guide, we have ensured the integrity of providing and transmitting information to museum visitors. The publication will also be of great importance to primary and secondary school students and students of the Faculty of Pedagogy during the preparation of seminar papers, school projects and exams.

“Guide through the Regional Museum of Jagodina” has an exceptional design, it is a two-hundred-page book, printed in a circulation of 1,200 copies in the printing house “Zlatna knjiga” in Jagodina. It can be purchased at the Museum’s souvenir shop.