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This collection consists of copies of frescoes, most of which have a large format. It was created soon after the museum institution was housed in the Sokol house, built in 1935 according to the project of the architect Momir Korunović. In 1984 the management of the Museum ordered the making of copies of frescoes from the monasteries of Resava and Kalenić. The author was one of the leading Serbian copyists, the academic painter Časlav Colić. The collection is significantly enlarged after a successful long-term cooperation with the Gallery of Frescoes of the National Museum in Belgrade, crowned with an exhibition of medieval royal portraits. At that time, the Jagodina Museum received a large number of copies from the Gallery of Frescoes for long-term use, and the collection now contains 22 copies of frescoes from monasteries throughout Serbia.

Curator: Branislav Cvetković