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On Wednesday, March 20, the 50th anniversary festival „Days of comedy“ began. Before the official opening of the festival, in the foyer of the Cultural Center, charters and special certificates of appreciation were presented to institutions and individuals who provided help, support and contribution to the ” Days of comedy ” festival during half a century of its existence. The Regional Museum of Jagodina was among the recipients of certificates of appreciation.

The cooperation between the festival and our institution has been going on since the creation of this manifestation until today. Savo Vetnić, the manager of the Museum since 1963, was in the Organizational Committee in the first years of its existence. He is the author of the first monograph and exhibition about the „Days of comedy“ festival, and was also a member of the jury. Miodrag Aleksić, an ethnologist and at one time director of the Regional Museum, was the editor of the Festival Bulletin. Experts from the History Department of the Museum Zoran Marković, Ljubica Zdravković, Dobrivoje Jovanović and Duško Grbović realized several exhibitions that were accompanying events of the „Days of comedy“ festival. This year, Duško Grbović, historian, museum adviser of the Regional Museum of Jagodina, was one of the authors of the exhibition „Festival „Days of comedy“ beginnings and duration (1969–1972–2023)“, and our institution ceded the material during the preparation of the monograph „Half a century of struggle for laughter – Days of comedy, the first fifty years“.